Remote Monitoring and Telehealth for Seniors

Senior Technology Solutions of Colorado helps seniors stay healthy in their own homes for longer with easy-to-use home automation and remote monitoring technology solutions. Whether you’re an individual caregiver or part of a senior care business, we have customized solutions that can help you serve the seniors in your care from the comfort of their own homes.

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Hindsight is 20/20

Have you ever wished you could go back and buy Apple stock, or Amazon stock, when you first heard about it?  How different would your life have been if you had known then what you know now?  Most of us…


When we go to a family and they’re initially in shock and grieving because they know their family member is going to be dying, and we tell them about this way that we can improve communication, this technology that we have to assist them in this end of life time, and they find out about all the different features that there is on the GrandCare, they get so excited. And it really sets us apart from our competition.

Laura Whipkey, Hospice RN

My favorite thing is merely touching this little thing and having all these beautiful people available to me. I now have access … It has rebirthed me, so to speak.

Ed Thelen, GrandCare User