Remote Monitoring and Telehealth for Seniors

Senior Technology Solutions of Colorado helps seniors stay healthy in their own homes for longer with easy-to-use home automation and remote monitoring technology solutions. Whether you’re an individual caregiver or part of a senior care business, we have customized solutions that can help you serve the seniors in your care from the comfort of their own homes.

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Independent Living…Or Is It?

Ever get confused about senior communities, and how to choose one? I’m so thankful for the many talented and experienced professionals who specialize in helping seniors find the right place to live, or help family members find the right place for their loved ones. There are “Independent Living” communities, “Assisted Living” communities, “Memory Care” communities, and “Skilled Nursing” communities. Some are “Continuing Care” communities, that may have all of these levels of care in one place.

Hindsight is 20/20

As they say, “hindsight is 20/20”. We have talked to many caregivers who were considering installing technology to help them monitor and communicate with seniors for whom they care that wished they had done it earlier. Read our latest blog to learn more.


It’s nice and convenient for a family member to be alerted on their iPhone that dad is safe, his blood sugars are good today, there’s no emergency that they need to be aware of. Kids are scattered, they’re not in one small town anymore. So it gives the opportunity to stay involved and aware of what’s going on at home without having to physically be here every day.

Cadi Merten, RN

When we go to a family and they’re initially in shock and grieving because they know their family member is going to be dying, and we tell them about this way that we can improve communication, this technology that we have to assist them in this end of life time, and they find out about all the different features that there is on the GrandCare, they get so excited. And it really sets us apart from our competition.

Laura Whipkey, Hospice RN