No Senior Should Age Alone

After many years of watching as loved ones grow old and pass away, I’ve developed the strong belief that no senior should age alone. No one wants their senior loved ones to be alone, but it happens. Friends die or become ill or move away. Children and grandchildren become busy with their own lives. 

At a time when health and independence are waning, and seniors “don’t want to be a burden” on family, the challenge of isolation has become a common and life changing complication of aging. 

This is why we started Senior Technology Solutions of Colorado. Our culture values independence, but it often comes at the expense of connectedness. 

We believe that technology can help us bridge that gap. It can allow seniors to age in place, often remaining in their own home for months or years beyond what would be possible otherwise. Technology can allow caregivers, family or professional, near or far away, to passively monitor activity and health of seniors at home. Video calls and photo sharing allow remote or busy family members to include seniors in family activities, even when their senior limitations may not otherwise allow them to participate. 

Senior Technology Solutions has partnered with proven solutions, such as GrandCare, the caregiving technology that any senior can use easily with almost no training. It consists of a large touchscreen, with no keyboard or mouse, that uses a large easy-to-read menu for seniors to navigate all of the features it offers. These features can include video calls, messaging, news, music, and photo sharing. It can also include medication reminders, a care plan for visiting caregivers, and wellness measurements like blood pressure, blood sugar, and weight with Bluetooth peripherals. 

 Look for an upcoming video demonstrating how easy our technology is to use for taking care of seniors. 
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