CEDIA 2019…We Were There!

Last month Senior Technology Solutions of Colorado had the opportunity to attend the CEDIA Expo 2019, which is held right here in Denver! CEDIA stands for Custom Electronics Design and Installation Association. Someone described it to me as the Superbowl of home automation. I have to admit that it was a cool place to browse the latest in home technology. There were sound systems and home theater systems that were incredible…and usually beyond my means. Seeing how far home automation has come in the past few years with the “Internet of Things” (IoT) is a testimony to ingenuity and creativity.  

Technology is changing every aspect of our daily lives in practical ways that benefits all of us, in one way or another. It’s automating, streamlining, storing, and simplifying – making it easier to access information we need to live our lives at any time, from any place. As a result, caregiving technology is quickly growing in the same ways to reimagine senior care. There is much opportunity to bring awareness and use of caregiving technology, within the home and beyond, by being a part of events like these! 

I had the privilege of hearing Laura Mitchell, CEO of GrandCare Systems, share a great presentation on “The Expanding Role of Technology in Senior Care”. She shared many illustrations of how technology enables richer lives for seniors and allows them to stay at home longer.   

Senior Technology Solutions of Colorado is an authorized GrandCare dealer and proud to represent this innovative solution to our clients. We would be happy to demonstrate the system, in person or online, if you want to know more. It is affordable, easy to use, and will change the way you view caregiving – either individually or within a senior community.