Technology Can Be A Game Changer for Caregivers

“Seniors” and “technology” are two words that are not often used together, but for senior caregivers technology changes everything.  The majority of seniors want to live independently, which may be in their own home or in a senior community.  Living independently, as desirable as it might be, presents multiple risks for aging adults, including higher risks of falls, and reduced medication compliance. 

Imagine a world where caregivers and seniors were able to initiate video calls and share photos on senior-friendly devices.  What If caregivers could receive alerts when medications were not taken, or when a motion sensor showed that the kitchen had not been accessed all morning?  Technology can allow caregivers to monitor key health parameters, like blood pressure, oxygen levels and weight.  These affordable technologies already exist, and many more, allowing caregivers to remotely monitor seniors who live independently.  Many home care providers use these tools to support more clients at a higher level.  Most insurances support video doctor visits (called telehealth) to avoid the risks associated with a simple healthcare appointment.  We use technology everyday to make our lives easier.  Now we can use it to provide better care for seniors as well.  

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