Independent Living…Or Is It?

Ever get confused about senior communities, and how to choose one?  I’m so thankful for the many talented and experienced professionals who specialize in helping seniors find the right place to live, or help family members find the right place for their loved ones.  There are “Independent Living” communities, “Assisted Living” communities, “Memory Care” communities, and “Skilled Nursing” communities.  Some are “Continuing Care” communities, that may have all of these levels of care in one place. 

In talking to a friend the other day, it occurred to me that “independent living” is really a misnomer.  Let’s face it…we don’t move to a senior community to be “independent”.  We want to be part of a community that is “interdependent”.  We long for independence until we need someone or something to meet needs we can’t meet ourselves.  During the recent days of forced isolation, most of us long for companionship and friendship.  If you had to experience quarantine, or “stay at home” orders, you understand that independence isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. 

This is why I’m so excited about the benefits of technology for seniors and senior communities.  We facilitate interdependence, allowing seniors to be as independent as they want or need to be.  Wouldn’t it be great to have a video call with family, friends, grandkids or caregivers at the touch of a button…when you want or need to connect?  Wouldn’t it be helpful in an “independent living” community to be able to reach all of your residents with a broadcast message about changes in procedures without risking face-to-face contact during a pandemic?  Add to that the ability to have caregivers monitor temperature, oxygen saturation or even general activity of residents without unnecessary contact?   Telehealth can keep seniors safe, as well as others in the community, by eliminating unnecessary trips to the doctor. Learn more about how to make these benefits a reality for your community, or for seniors for whom you care, by reading about our unique technology solutions.  They’re easy, inexpensive, and life changing.  We also invite you to contact us for a custom quote or consultation with us at Senior Technology Solutions of Colorado