Telehealth for Seniors Made Easy

Have you ever tried to teach a senior to use a remote control or some other gadget over the phone?  I remember trying it with my mom.  Telling her how to hold it, where to find the right button, and what she should be seeing on the TV was hilarious, and hard.  Now fast forward, no pun intended, a few years.  Due to our global health emergency, many professionals are promoting telehealth for seniors.  “It’s as simple as logging in to a website and clicking all of the right buttons.”  But is it?

Having retired from technology consulting, and starting a business focused on seniors, I am very aware of the barriers to engaging older adults with technology.  It isn’t as easy as point and click, or giving them instructions over the phone.  That is why we focused on offering products exclusively made for seniors, like GrandCare.  Their award-winning system includes a large touchscreen with no keyboard or mouse, with large on-screen buttons and no confusing words. We deliver it pre-configured so it only needs to be plugged in to start using it.  With the touch of a single button, seniors can initiate a HIPAA-compliant video call with their healthcare provider. 

For seniors with chronic health conditions, like diabetes, COPD, hypertension, and other conditions, Bluetooth devices like glucometers, oximeters, scales and thermometers, can also be included.  A reminder pops up and the senior can check their blood sugar or oxygen level with ease.  Measurements are automatically recorded by the system and available for the healthcare provider whenever they want to see them.  This remote monitoring allows for telehealth calls with actual data rather than depending on a senior to accurately describe their condition.  We can even configure alerts so that providers know when a measurement reaches a critical level.

One of the challenges faced by providers of Medicare Advantage plans, and Medicaid providers, is that their plans reward them for conducting telehealth visits, but many of their subscribers are not able to navigate traditional technology solutions required for virtual doctors’ visits. That’s where we come in to help. Our technology benefits Medicare Advantage and Medicaid providers by enabling seniors to access safe, virtual medical care easily. Care from the comfort of their own homes is even more important now that ever before due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We can demonstrate our simple, affordable, and enabling solutions in person or online if that will help you.

Senior Technology Solutions of Colorado can help you offer next level telehealth and more to your senior clients during these challenging times.  Reach out for a free demonstration or quote today!

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