Relocating to Become a Caregiver: 5 Essential Tips

Is your senior loved one having trouble with basic domestic responsibilities? You may need to move nearby to give them more support. Plus, telehealth services from Senior Technology Solutions of Colorado can help them continue to enjoy a higher degree of independence. Here’s how to navigate the moving process and transition into becoming a caregiver.

Identify the Signs

Your loved one might insist that they don’t need help, but if you notice certain signs, it’s time to talk to them about becoming their caregiver. Home Care Assistance states that if your loved one struggles to practice good hygiene, drive, keep their home clean, or take their medication, they would be much safer with a caregiver’s support.

How You Can Help

Talk to your loved one about how you could specifically help them if you lived closer. It’s important to figure out your responsibilities toward your loved one before you move. For example, you may be able to drive them on errands, coordinate with their healthcare providers, clean their home, or cook for them, depending on their specific needs. Telehealth solutions and other technology can be highly beneficial in helping you meet these needs.

Review Your Loved One’s Options

Once you’ve determined the level of support that your loved one will need from you, you can start going over their housing options. They may be most comfortable living with you, or they might prefer to have you move into their home.

Alternatively, they might need the services provided in an assisted living facility or memory care facility. If this is the case, it’s important to visit several facilities in your area before choosing a particular place for your loved one. You will also want to go over your loved one’s portfolio with a financial advisor to see what they can realistically afford.

Finding Your New Home

Are you house hunting for yourself and your loved one? If so, look for a single-story home that your loved one can easily navigate with a mobility aid. You may need to budget for renovations that will allow your loved one to stay safe and comfortable at home. Talk to a real estate agent who has helped senior clients find homes before for expert advice.

If your loved one will be moving in with you, you can hire a senior moving service to help pack and unpack their belongings. True Legacy Homes states that a senior moving service can assist your loved one with packing and choosing which belongings to keep, turning off utilities when necessary, and even holding an estate sale.

Hire Home Maintenance Services

If your loved one will continue to live independently while you live nearby and provide assistance, you might want to connect them with helpful home maintenance services. Carrying out home repairs can be difficult and risky for seniors. You may be able to find local nonprofits that can provide plumbing, HVAC, roofing, or other services for free or at a low price.

Chances are, your loved one will need help with keeping their gutters clear of debris – depending on where your loved one lives, their gutters will need to be cleaned about twice per year to prevent them from getting clogged. A gutter professional can alert your loved one about necessary repairs and carry out cleanings safely and efficiently. Hiring residential gutter cleaning near me will likely cost anywhere from $106 to $167, but you may need to budget up to $350 for bigger projects.

Relocating in order to become a caregiver for your senior loved one represents a major lifestyle change for both of you. Adjusting can take time! With these tips, you’ll be prepared to give your loved one the support you need while settling into your new home.

Want to help your senior loved ones live independently? Telehealth tools from Senior Technology Solutions of Colorado make it possible! Call (720) 316-9732 to request a quote.

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