About Us

Senior Technology Solutions of Colorado is focused on finding solutions to help seniors live healthier lives at home while being cared for remotely by family members, loved ones, and professional caregivers.

We provide technology to improve communication between seniors and caregivers, whether seniors are in their own homes, or in an assisted living or a residential care center. Our solutions enable Remote Medical Monitoring as well as Telehealth with HIPAA-Compliant technology that allows seniors to interact with their medical team from the comfort of their own living space. 

Mel Schulman
CEO and Founder

Mel spent the last 20 years in the San Francisco Bay Area working in senior sales and operations management positions with technology companies before moving to Colorado in 2016. The last 13 years were spent in technology consulting in the network and healthcare fields. 

Mark VanTine
Chief Operating Officer

Mark has spent 30 years in retail and operational leadership. Most recently he has worked in home health care. He has been in Colorado since 2001. He spends his free time doing volunteer work for both non- profits and coaching sports.