Powerful software that uses simple hardware to enforce your team’s compliance with established procedures and licensing requirements.

  • Use real-time alerts so managers can intervene before minor problems escalate
  • Enforce and document compliance with procedures and licensure requirements
  • Detect behaviors such as falls or staff not washing their hands
  • Get notices about activities that are unusual for the context (time, place, etc.)
  • Perform contact tracing using our algorithms when the need arises
  • Spot trends using data models – changes in a resident’s behavior or activity levels or staff performance

How SafeAna Works

The SafeAna system use these small, inexpensive NFC tags (the kind used for Apple Pay and Google Pay) to set up control points in a room or facility that can be monitored. Examples of control points can include a sink that’s used for hand-washing or a resident’s room. Your staff taps the tag with their mobile phone to confirm that they visited that control point.


SafeAna’s software uses your existing WiFi network to capture the data it needs to detect behavior patterns and even act as a supplemental security system. In an empty room, your WiFi signal has a certain pattern. Every time a person enters the room and performs some activity, that motion causes a unique disruption to the WiFi signal. The system reads those disruption patterns to identify activities and actions of interest – a resident falling, a staff member washing their hands (or not washing their hands), activity at an unusual time or place, etc. All of these data signals can be combined to monitor compliance and verify important activities.