GrandCare Systems

GrandCare is designed to keep individuals safer, happier, healthier and proactively involved in their own care. GrandCare offers models for family caregivers, senior housing organizations, professional at home caregivers and disability providers.

Family Caregivers

Family members and non-professional caregivers can remotely care for and socially engage with a loved one, regardless of geographic location. The simple, mobile-friendly, online portal allows users to communicate directly to a large touchscreen in the loved one’s home, and be alerted if something seems amiss (e.g. excessive weight gain, didn’t access medications, didn’t get out of bed, etc.) Your loved one doesn’t need to know anything about computers or tablets to enjoy family interaction, video chat and receive information on the GrandCare touchscreen. Download our Family Care Info Sheet to learn more.

Professional Caregivers

Many professional homecare provider services experience high staff turnover and a shortage of caregivers. GrandCare can help you differentiate your services from competitors.

Our easy-to-use touchscreen technology enables you to offer new virtual care giving options, remote monitoring, and video chat consultations to everyone you serve. Build your client base without needing to increase staff. Save valuable time, and service more people over a larger geographic area using the power of technology. Download our In-Home Care Info Sheet to learn more.

Senior Housing Communities

GrandCare adds a branded touch-based appliance and telehealth/activity monitors in the private homes and rooms of senior housing centers, giving you a unique advantage to distinguish your facility from others.

GrandCare enables staff and family to remotely monitor and coordinate health and activity patterns for residents. Residents use the interactive, touch based platform to video chat with health professionals, family and caregivers, receive instructions and medication reminders, view and sign up for events, play brain games, and much more. Download more info.

Remote Monitoring Hardware

Each GrandCare device can be configured to work with easy-to-use, integrated monitoring devices that help you monitor the health and well-being of your family member, patients, or residents. These options include:

  • Glucose Meters
  • Thermometers
  • Digital Bathroom Scale
  • Digital Blood Pressure Cuff
  • Pulse Oximeter

GrandCare Awards and Recognition

Naidex Professional Award

2017 Naidex Professional Award Winner

The Naidex organization celebrates a service, technology or product that directly benefits those working in the care, rehab, or independent living industries, making an immeasurable contribution toward the healthcare profession both now and into the future.

Most Innovative Senior Living Product

2013 + 2014 Most Innovative Senior Living Product Awards

For the second year in a row, GrandCare Systems® has been announced as the winner of’s Best Senior Living Award for “Most Innovative Senior Living Product”.

AARP Sterling Award

2012 First Annual AARP Sterling Award Winner and Silvers Choice Award Winner

The Sterling Awards are sponsored by AARP and were presented at a special event during the Silvers Summit at CES 2012 to identify the peerless products that enhance, empower and exemplify the lifestyles of the Boomer and Silvers audience.

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