For less than a dollar a day, you can have 24-hour protection.

LifeFone has been an innovator in providing security and peace of mind to thousands of people throughout the United States since 1976. LifeFone utilizes the latest information technology and a continued commitment to “personal” response to provide medical alert services that allow security and independence at the press of a button. Download a LifeFone Product Comparison Guide to help you decide which option is right for you.

Safe At Home Package

LifeFone’s in-home system is designed to give seniors independence and safety in their own homes with a personal pendant, wristband, and monitoring base. Seniors can press the button on any device to summon help at any time, and built-in features like remote call answering make it useful every day. The system can be configured to work with a standard telephone landline or via an AT&T cellular line provided through LifeFone. The wearable devices offer a signal range of up to 1,300 ft. from the base unit. In case of power failure, it even has a 32-hour backup battery. For a small additional monthly charge, LifeFone’s Fall Detection pendant can also be added to your system.

At Home & On-the-Go GPS

With both a base station and a mobile device, this package truly gives you two systems for the price of one. When seniors leave home, you can rest assured that they’ll have help if they need it with nearly unlimited range. You don’t need a telephone landline or a cell phone – both units work on the AT&T Cellular network using service provided by LifeFone, which is included with your LifeFone service.For a small additional monthly charge, LifeFone’s Fall Detection pendant can also be added to your system. This waterproof pendant automatically sends an alarm to our Emergency Response Center if the wearer falls, and offers a help button for added security on-the-go.

LifeFone Voice-in-Necklace

LifeFone’s two-way voice pendant with GPS service protects seniors 24/7 both in their homes and anywhere they go within the U.S.A., provided there is Verizon or AT&T cellular service in that area. It’s an all-in-one solution with 30-day extended battery life, and is available in black or white. The white Voice-in-Pendant also includes Vibration Feedback to help hearing or visually-impaired seniors and has a 5-day battery life. There’s no equipment to carry, just a lightweight necklace to wear for safety and peace-of-mind. For a small additional monthly charge, LifeFone’s Fall Detection can also be to any Voice-in-Pendant.

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