My mom had LifeFone for years after my dad passed and until she moved in to assisted living. It made her feel secure and it gave me tremendous peace of mind. She is quite picky, and yet she told me how much she liked their customer service. That is a miracle. they do a great job, and they really made us feel like they cared. I highly recommend them.

Liz B., LifeFone User

Since my mother-in-law got LifeFone, our whole family felt peace of mind with her living alone. LifeFone was always there for her. She recently passed, and customer service was so compassionate and also made it easy for us to return her LifeFone.

Nancy, LifeFone User

GrandCare is perfect for high risk patients who are being discharged from my emergency room. The system sends out alerts on medication non-compliance and red flags, such as an excessive weight gain, which gives me more meaningful patient data and can reduce unnecessary readmissions. This all leads towards better outcomes turning into revenue streams for the healthcare providers.

Erick A. Eiting,MD, Chief Medical Officer, GrandCare Systems

At We Care Adult Care, Inc., the greatest benefit of this must-have system is in its ease of use to maintain independent living at home through coordinated care and supervision. This multifaceted system has endless benefits that are truly appreciated with continued use.

Tracey L. Wolfman, RN, BSN, MA

When we go to a family and they’re initially in shock and grieving because they know their family member is going to be dying, and we tell them about this way that we can improve communication, this technology that we have to assist them in this end of life time, and they find out about all the different features that there is on the GrandCare, they get so excited. And it really sets us apart from our competition.

Laura Whipkey, Hospice RN

Mom and I consider the folks at GrandCare as a part of our extended family. They truly care about us, the quality system they provide and are genuinely good people. I highly recommend them and the GrandCare system.

Carol Roberts, Daughter

It’s nice and convenient for a family member to be alerted on their iPhone that dad is safe, his blood sugars are good today, there’s no emergency that they need to be aware of. Kids are scattered, they’re not in one small town anymore. So it gives the opportunity to stay involved and aware of what’s going on at home without having to physically be here every day.

Cadi Merten, RN

My favorite thing is merely touching this little thing and having all these beautiful people available to me. I now have access … It has rebirthed me, so to speak.

Ed Thelen, GrandCare User